163 Días. La Huelga de Bandas

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163 días. La Huelga de Bandas


In 1966, 800 workers from the Biscayan company ‘Laminación de Bandas en Frio’ carried out the longest strike of Franco’s dictatorship. In a tumultuous historic moment within the framework of growing organisation of the working class and anti-Franco sentiments, hundreds of residents of Etxebarri, Basauri and Otxarkoaga launched a political struggle that would end up being an example for the entire labor movement that would follow.
Through the main characters and their stories, anecdotes and experiences, we create an image of the 163 days of strike that made the dictatorship’s foundations shake.


Brazilian international labour film festival / mostra cinetrabalho (Brazil)
Dokubazaar – ljubljana independent documentary film festival (Slovenia)
Festival de cine y derechos humanos de madrid (Spain)
Festival internacional de cine independiente de villa de leyva (Colombia)

Technical Details

Released at ETB on May 18th of 2017
Script: Larraitz Zuazo, Ainhoa Andraka, Zuri Goikoetxea
Direction: Larraitz Zuazo
Music: Aranzazu Calleja
Language: Spanish, English
Running Time: 68′

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