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In the late 70’s a Mutriku kid willing to want to set up a rock band. Ten years later, that group filled statistics and broke sales records, becoming one of the benchmarks of the Basque music scene: Itoiz.

After 10 years of short but successful history, Juan Carlos Pérez tried to make the adventure come to an end. 30 years later, they fail to get rid of the shadow of the group that to the amazement of critics and fans left at the highest moment.

The fact of having left the group at the moment of greatest success, has meant that, during all these years, on many occasions they have proposed projects to recover the group or, at least, talk about its history. Tired of rejecting projects and hoping that it will serve to close the cycle, Juan Carlos has decided to make this documentary as a ritual, to speak for the last time about Itoiz.

This film is a musical review of Itoiz by the hand of its members, from the musical maturity that all have acquired in their fruitful musical careers. But, in addition, it is a trip to the inner world of the leader of the band, which brings us closer to the process he lived to end up becoming disillusioned as the group gained public.

Technical Details

Title: Itoiz
Direction: Larraitz Zuazo
Screenplay: Larraitz Zuazo, Ainhoa ​​Andraka and Zuri Goikoetxea
Starring: Itoiz
Animation: Kote Camacho
Production: Doxa Producciones
Language: Euskera and spanish
Duration: 90
Phase: Development