The last summer

Original Title

El último verano


THE LAST SUMMER is a participatory documentary co-directed by Mariona Guiu, Lina Badenes, and a group of children of Nuevo Vedado (Cuba) who, for several weeks, are given basic audiovisual notions with the objective that each of them films and directs a short documentary based on some element of their social, cultural, economic or family environment.

Set against a backdrop of change in current Cuba, the youngest will portray the situation of their country generating a collection of documentaries which added to the directors’ filming make up a peculiar participatory documentary in which children are not only the protagonists, but the authors themselves.

Technical Details

Finished in 2017
Script and direction: Lina Badenes and Mariona Guiu
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, Valencian
Running Time: 50′